Equinox for Spa


It’s Not Fitness. It’s Life.

With a motto like the one above, it’s no wonder that Equinox is known for more than creating some of the finest toned bodies in the nation’s metropolises. Thanks to the spas, Equinox is also responsible for making sure those bodies are relaxed, polished, detoxed, and massaged to perfection. From cellulite fighting wraps to sports massages, the range of treatments is all encompassing. After all, Equinox is already dubbed one of the best gyms in the country. So if VIPs trust Equinox to get their tushies toned, why not trust the fitness brand for skincare and spa treatments?

The latest offering the Spa at Equinox Aventura and Coral Gables is the perfect post-workout soother. Dubbed the Sooth & Infuse, this 90-minute, candle-lit treatment encompasses several steps guaranteed to pamper from head-to-toe. First, an oil-based scrub that contains crushed bamboo particles is rubbed over the feet, legs, arms, and chest in small circular motions then gently brushed away with a dry loofah. Next, lightweight oil is applied to the skin, which the therapist gently massages in by rolling a bamboo stick over every inch of the body, focusing on elongating and relaxing tense muscles. To promote complete detoxification, the body is covered in cooling mud packed with sea-derived minerals then enveloped in a thermal blanket to induce sweating. The result? Silky smooth skin along with an instant slimming effect. After thirty minutes of being wrapped in this warm cocoon, step into the in-room stone-wall shower before lying down for the final touch-a full body rub down with a bamboo-infused cream. Pure heaven! And if, for some reason, you do not have an Equinox membership, don’t fret. The spa is open to non-members. So enjoy!

Aventura                         Coral Gables
(Aventura Mall)             370 San Lorenzo Ave.
19501 Biscayne Blvd.    Coral Gables, FL 33146
Aventura, FL 33180       786.497.8200