Word has just been released that Apple has some rather mysterious plans to add an iBangle to its large array of musical accessories. Though this latest creation is still in it’s conceptual phase, Apple enthusiasts hope this does not remain the case for long. The bangle will be comprised of aluminum and will feature a trackpad enabling you to slide and tap your way through your music library, while wireless headphones will allow premium listening quality. Some have expressed concern about the fit the bracelet, but of course, this has not been overlooked but Gopinath Prasana, designer of the iBangle. An inner air chamber will inflate allowing the musical accessory to accommodate a variety of wrist sizes, and will have the flexibility to be tightened or loosened depending on activity, athletic or otherwise. Information has yet to be disclosed about the estimated time of arrival or pricing, but, the buzz is rising and people are anxiously awaiting this latest invention. What will they come up with next?