Nakheel Grows Higher


The innovative, record-breaking construction of Dubai developer Nakheel-responsible for the manmade islands the Palm and The world-never ceases to amaze; just today the company proudly unveiled its plans to construct the world’s tallest building standing at 1km high located at an inner city harbor slated to become the Emirate’s unofficial capitol.

Chief executive officer, Christopher O’Donnel, who you can learn more about in our exclusive article, Chris O’Donnell: Building a Legend, addressed the unveiled plans saying “From our perspective, we are building a tower that’s going to be over 1km in height. This is a complete iconic development. It may be the tallest. Someone may build something taller.” Nakheel executive, His Excellency Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, who graced our August/September NY and FL covers’, expanded saying, “There is nothing like it in Dubai. Nakheel Harbour and Tower is located in the hear of ‘new Dubai,’ where we have focused on creating a true community, a location for living, working, relaxing, and entertaining, for art and culture.”

The structure will be rich with cultural influence; Islamic designs such as the gardens of Alhambra in Spain, the harbour of Alexandria in Egypt, the promenade of Tangier in Morocco, and the bridges of Isfahan in Iran served as major influences.

The tower and harbour project has an estimated completion date of 2018.