Feared Bugatti Auctioned For £2.5 Million


With only 45 ever produced, it’s a near miracle that there’s a Bugatti Type 35B that is still alive and roaring today. Modeled by Ettore Bugatti himself in 1928, the sports car sold for £2.5 million, breaking the record for most expensive car sold in this category to date. In its time this car was revered for its furious speed and peformance much like the Bugatti’s of today.

The Bugatti Type 35B was the final version on the Type 35 series.  It was originally named Type 35TC because it shared the 2.3 L engine of the Type 35T but had an added large supercharger like the Type 35C. It boasted a monstrous 138 hp, enough to propel it to first place in the 1929 French Grand Prix. It housed alloy wheels and rear drum brakes. To reduce unsprung weight, the Bugatti Type 35 was one of the first to use a hollow front axle. The engine was capable of revving to 6000 rpm.