Jet of the Week: 2007 Boeing Business Jet (BBJ)


For many executives, getting the penthouse office with views of the clouds represented a landmark, a milestone, a pinnacle of success. But acquiring this office while racing across the world is even better. In the 2007 Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), executive accommodations could not be any more luxurious. Equipped with a business conference center, a master bedroom suite, an entire second bedroom, and full service galley, the BBJ is designed to be your corporate headquarters in the sky. Telephones, satellite communications, fax machine, and office power outlets are just a few of the other amenities to enjoy. Whether you prefer to conduct business in a leather recliner, on a plush inviting sofa, or at a conference table, the more than 800 square foot interior can satisfy your desires for premium corporate travel.

With slightly over 100 of these jets in service, Boeing created the BBJ to offer three times the space of other comparable long range jets. And with a range of more than 6000 miles, travel half-way around the world is literally possible. Created from a 737 design, the BBJ can accommodate anywhere from 8 to 149 passengers, but this 2007 Boeing Business Jet is tailored to comfortably indulge 18 individuals in an exquisite experience. When business meetings are adjourned, guests can then indulge in satellite TV, CD entertainment, or simple relaxation. Just when you thought you had reached the top rung of the corporate ladder, the ladder keeps getting a little taller. But then again, what would life be without something to strive towards?

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