Cuddly Karl


A pricey teddy bear that shares a remarkable resemblance to its designer that is uncanny if not intentional comes to Neiman Marcus in September. The alpaca-haired bear was designed by Karl Lagerfeld and will retail for $1,500. Only 2,500 of these bears with a sneer were made and all sport an iconic Lagerfeld look. Dark glasses, a dark suit, a pristine high collar, and a KL logo belt make up the dapper bear’s ensemble.

Gold buttons in the bears’ ears reveal their provenance. The famed stuffed animal maker, Steiff has lent its expertise to create these bears. The Hamburg manufacturer has been producing the finest bears since 1880 under the motto, “Only the best is good enough for children.” The signature Steiff bear has five pivoting joints, a revolution when presented by the Teutonic company in 1903.

As if presenting his own eponymous line, shaping the image of Chanel, and leaving his mark on Fendi and Chloé were not enough, the prominent designer is noted for broadening his influence to include lead figurines of the man, a plastic toy, a car heist video game, and homes on a fashion-themed island in the Dubai development, The World. Given this history, designing a familiar child’s toy to look like his familiar-a skinny, decidedly un-cuddly teddy bear-seems to be the logical next step.

Lagerfeld-philes and arctophiles alike will delight in the autumn release of the dear, as in costly, teddy bear with his nose in the air, already a strange sensation not unlike his creator.

Via Gawker