Vanessa Andrews: Superstar Realtor of Hoffman International Properties

Superstar Realtor of Hoffman International Properties


 Her keen eye for luxury properties and her inscrutable business sense have earned her accolades in the United States and beyond.

Since 1999, Vanessa Andrews has been one of the top producing certified luxury realtors in the country. Her road to real estate stardom included many twists, including stints as an actress, film producer, and nationally ranked equestrian competitor.

Born into a family of film producers and authors, including her mother, a New York Times best selling author of 19 books, it should come as no surprise that Vanessa is blessed with the Midas touch when it comes to her own career. Born and raised in Beverly Hills, Vanessa had a lot of exposure to all that would come to define her success later in life. These California roots trained her eye, providing her with a discerning taste for luxury while introducing her to some of the world’s most beautiful estates. It also provided Vanessa with ample opportunity to meet fabulous individuals from an early age. Taking this unique background into consideration, it should come as no surprise that Vanessa’s earliest work experiences involved acting and producing films.

Vanessa was drawn to business early in her professional life, and pursued and completed a degree in marketing. Shortly after graduating, fate stepped in, in the form of her husband-to-be, a handsome Texas oil investor and Budweiser distributor who-in her own words- “stole her heart.” The newlyweds moved back to his hometown of Dallas, where they continue to live today.

Like her colleague Marilyn Hoffman, Vanessa has had a lifelong love of show horses. A devoted equestrian since youth, she has competed at the national level. It was actually during one such competition that Andrews and Hoffman made each other’s acquaintance. The relationship proved a fortuitous one; building on their mutual love of horses, they found that they had other similar tastes and strengths including a passion for real estate, fabulous people, places, and events. Last but certainly not least, they share a business acumen that includes equal parts superior marketing skills and a savvy understanding of finance. Recently, her career has come full-circle and Vanessa is once again in front of the camera. Although this time around, the only character she is interested in playing is that of a luxury real estate agent. ABC’s Luxury Home Show and others have solicited her expertise for a number of on air segments.

Vanessa attends most of the events that Hoffman International Properties sponsors. No other brokerage house in the world does marketing like Hoffman International Properties. You will find them exhibiting and promoting their exclusive real estate listings at the Kentucky Derby, world-class yachting events, major horse shows, golf tournaments, classic car shows, and charity galas from Beverly Hills to New York and beyond. A recent trip even took Vanessa to the International Arabian Horse Show in Cairo, Egypt. Hoffman International Properties have long been major donors to all kinds of events and therefore have tables for clients and brochures in the gift bags. The social aspect is part of the process for Vanessa Andrews and it is often the case that clients become friends and vice versa-friends become clients. Her keen eye for luxury properties and her inscrutable business sense have earned her accolades in the United States and beyond.

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