Spoil Your Skin with Jurlique

With its refreshing collection of pure, organic skincare products, South Australia’s esteemed Jurlique is bringing balance to both nature and complexions alike.

By Jade Wollman


 Purify your skin with a nurturing mask made from gromwell and Sichuan peppercorn.

The demand for green products and services is hardly inconspicuous. Pesticide-free foods, non-toxic cleansing products, alternative sources of energy-the shift away from synthetics and irresponsible practices toward organics and sustainability is as visible as our resources scarce.

It is no wonder that Jurlique, the certified organic, self-sustainable beauty company based in the lush Adelaide Hills of South Australia, has become the country’s number one selling skincare brand, not to mention an international success. With locations now spanning the globe-60 stores in 22 countries-this prolific skincare company is both lauded and loved for its natural plant and flower-based products, grown and harvested on Jurlique’s own certified organic, biodynamic farms. And whereas many skincare products may be certified organic-that is, they do not contain pesticides or fertilizers-Jurlique reaches beyond organic standards by employing biodynamic agriculture, an intricate kind of sustainable, organic farming focused on maintaining the earth’s naturally balanced ecosystem. From crops to animals, every element works together to sustain and renew the farm. Plants are hand-sown and hand-tended, and the soil rich in nutrients, thus fostering stronger plants with greater “living energy”-an energy that ultimately translates into Jurlique’s revitalizing extracts, elixirs, and lotions.

Just as these biodynamic farms replenish themselves naturally, Jurlique’s skincare line will nourish and enliven even the most damaged skin. Infused with the living energies of the 35 different plants and flowers currently harvested on the farms, Jurlique’s products are as invigorating and delectable as they are pure. Hydrating essences and mists, nurturing masks, and clarifying lotions-to name just a few-calm, restore, and renew skin with healthy, delightful blends of organic calendula, lavender, lavandin, sage, chamomile, and arnica. Smooth your wrinkles with the living energies of daisy and marshmallow in Jurlique’s Softening Wrinkle Cream. Cleanse your complexion with the organic calendula and peppermint in the Balancing Foaming Cleanser. Purify your skin with a nurturing mask made from gromwell and Sichuan peppercorn. Renew vitality and radiance with the green tea, quince, and rose extracts in the fabulous Herbal Recovery Gel.

Now you can be titillated by a crisp, new addition-Jurlique’s own Citrus Blend, an exhilarating infusion of tangerine, mandarin, and lemon extracts. Citrus Hand Cream, now available to Jurlique lovers worldwide, will uplift the senses and soothe parched hands with its deep moisturizing formula. The Citrus Silk Finishing Powder-a spa favorite-will absorb excess oil and reduce shine, not to mention soften and tone skin, with just a light dusting of the face. An organic blend of sage, orris, rosemary, arnica, daisy, and calendula make the translucent powder a light, energizing remedy, while corn and rice starches gently calm the skin.

With great roots, rejuvenating scents, and a reasonable price tag (a 125ml bottle of Jurlique’s Citrus Hand Cream is only $49 dollars), Jurlique is the go-to brand for veritable, natural and effective skincare products. So here’s to finding true beauty-in a bottle, no less.