For the Uber-Wealthy, It’s called a “Gigayacht”


Your yacht is near-euphoric; if only you could bring your tennis court, spa, and cinema with you instead of the rather boring task of having to find a marina, dock the boat, and seek out other forms of recreation and entertainment elsewhere.

With the newest design from Monaco-based Wally Yachts, which has created the largest private vessel ever, you’ll never have to leave your yacht. Spanning 59 feet across and weighing 2,730 tons at half load, this yacht is your own personal ode to the “Titanic.” It is fashioned with five accommodation docks, a pool, library, fitness center, and even a flower garden with an irrigation system.

The fuel tanks are big enough for five years of cruising, and there is space for 40 crewmembers (which is perfect – now you don’t have to pick favorites and can bring along your stylist, chef, personal assistant, nanny, and pool boy!), plus 24 of your closest friends and family. Also on board are two 45-foot motor yachts, two 27-foot sailing yachts, two cars, and water toys including six jet skis.

The cost is roughly €100 million. And if you are one of the few hundred elite in the world who can afford it, you may never find a reason to come back to land.

Via Daily Mail