Haute Time: Timeless Timepieces Avenue of Americas Collection


 Instilled with exquisite detail, the new Serenade is outlaid with an 18-karat white gold case and bezel with a silver dial with numbers encased in elegant sapphire crystal.

Spanning over the course of more than 12 generations of Swiss watchmakers dating as far back as 1507, Gevril proudly persists in their commitment to the art of creating timeless beauty. Gevril does not disappoint with their newly designed limited-edition Avenue of Americas Collection. Now widely available in North America, their distinctive new line of watches upholds the company’s legendary pursuit of quality craftsmanship while simultaneously updating it for a more contemporary look. The new collection features watches that are just as striking and colorful as they once were hundreds of years ago.

“As with all of our modern-day Gevril timepieces, the Avenue of Americas Collection is a series of limited-edition watches with a retro-inspired look that immediately makes a bold statement for the wearer,” says Gevril President Samuel Friedmann. “Above all, the goal with the new collection was to craft a series of timepieces conceived with the same integrity of design, quality material, and craftsmanship that Gevril was founded on centuries ago.”

Born in La Chaux-de-Fonds in the Le Locle Valley, Jacques Gevril began his career in the mid-1700s as a restorer of timepieces. He created his first Chronometer in 1743 and in 1744, his first Repetition Dial. The new Avenue of Americas Collection builds on these past centuries of expertise, most notably demonstrated when Jacques Gevril was commissioned to produce a luxurious timepiece for the Spanish Crown in 1758. King Ferdinand VI, known as “the Learned” by his subjects for his diverse intellectual pursuits and passionate collecting, invited young Gevril to Spain to present his majesty with an elegant, personalized timepiece. After taking a now legendary journey through Madrid and giving the king such an astounding timepiece, Jacques Gevril was subsequently appointed official watchmaker to the Spanish crown.

Ensuring the Gevril legacy for centuries to come with the royal accolade, generations of Gevril’s descendants have continued on in his visionary pursuit of flawless timekeeping. In fact, his very own son achieved the status of “Master Clockmaker.” The Gevril family became so synonymous with the finest Geneve watchmaking that Daniel Gevril was elected Mayor of Geneva in the 19th Century and a street name was later dedicated to the family in their honor. Even the Wilsdorf family, founders of the Rolex brand, included Gevril timepieces in their own private collection. Today, enthusiasts can pay homage to Gevril’s remarkable work by observing a myriad of the family’s timepieces created over the centuries that are currently on display in world-renowned horology exhibits such as the Museum Gen√®ve, Rolex, and Patek Philippe Museums, all located in Geneva, Switzerland.

At the heart of the new Men’s Collection is the special Avenue of Americas Serenade edition, marked by its distinctive silvered guillouched dials, a characteristic Jacques Gevril incorporated centuries ago into the creation of his timepieces. Instilled with exquisite detail, the new Serenade is outlaid with an 18-karat white gold case and bezel with a silver dial with numbers encased in elegant sapphire crystal. An 18-karat rose gold collection edition is bestowed with an elegant silver dial and rose gold numbering framed in a rose gold bezel and encased in the same manner. Each Serenade timepiece is complemented by a luxe Louisiana crocodile leather band.

Gevril has produced only 100 Serenade timepieces, 50 of which are from the 18-karat White Gold Collection and are individually available for purchase at $27,000. Additionally, only 50 18-karat Rose Gold Collection Serenade timepieces are available for $25,000 a piece.