Prince Bandar bin Sultan sells Aspen home for $36.5 million

What do you do when you sell your 66.6-acre, 14,395-square-foot home in Aspen’s exclusive Starwood neighborhood?

If you are Prince Bandar bin Sultan, you kick back and relax in the other three homes you have in the same neighborhood.

Bandar sold the home to Las Vegas-area real estate developer Jeffrey Soffer for $36.5 million after deciding to pull his primary residence, which had been listed at $135 million (no, there shouldn’t be a decimal placed in that figure) from the market. Soffer, 39, is a principal of Turnberry Associates, which deals with real estate in Las Vegas and South Florida. Soffer also serves as executive chairman of Fontainebleau Resorts, the world-famous Miami Beach hotel that is set for a $3 billion expansion into Las Vegas.

Bandar, who served as ambassador to the United States from Saudi Arabia for more than 20 years,  also owns homes in the Starwood neighborhood that are worth $16 million and $6.3 million, respectively.

If he decides he wants to sell either, Bandar could always turn to his new neighbor to see if he’s interested.

Via Aspen Daily News