‘Car Matchmaker’ Spike Feresten Picks 9 Luxury Vehicles That WILL Break the Bank

As the host of the new original series Car Matchmaker, Spike Fersten takes a prospective car buyer on a journey they’ll never forget. On his new show, the Emmy nominated writer, who previously worked with both David Letterman and on Seinfeld, meets with a buyer desperately looking for their ideal vehicle. Spike gets to know them, and then uses his humor, passion and automotive knowledge to find three different cars perfectly suited to that person. Expect to see a few of Spike’s celebrity pals such as Seth Meyers, Jerry Seinfeld, Will Forte and even Fabio to make cameos this season. In celebration of his new series, Spike decided to share his picks for the top luxury cars on the market. Warning (or is that a challenge?), these haute autos certainly cost a few pretty pennies…and then some.

5 Awe-Inspiring Hotel Lobbies in Los Angeles and Orange County

When you think about it, your opinion of a hotel begins the second you step inside its lobby. Is there marble involved? Is it spacious? Are you ready to ooh and ah? These are the questions we had in mind when coming up with our list of the five most awe-inspiring hotel lobbies in Los Angeles and Orange County. The good news—these entranceways are supremely beautiful. The better news? The rest of your experience at these luxury retreats is just as amazing.

Brentwood Revisited: What to Do, See, and Eat in This Luxe L.A. Neighborhood

Home to many of L.A.’s rich and famous—and recently a very publicized presidential visit—Brentwood has long been the neighborhood to find a bit of a Hollywood retreat from the flashing bulbs of Sunset Boulevard. But don’t let all the residential confuse you; Brentwood is also a neighborhood of chic restaurants and go-to hangouts.