Proposing a Toast to a New Economy

Is it 2010 yet? Here’s hoping that New Years Day will arrive faster than a New York minute so we can stop being bombarded with the unrelenting doom and gloom reports of 2009’s economic woes. Read More


Buying Out Andre Balazs

In September we reported that haute hotelier Andre Balazs was hoping to close on the sale of the Raleigh. Built in 1940, Balazs purchased the 104-room Art Deco hotel in 2002; seven years later the hotel magnate will earn a reported $30 million from the sale of the Miami landmark in an all-cash deal. Read More


Top 5 Trophy Properties in Miami for Sale

The qualifications of being considered a trophy property are extremely demanding and limiting and typically depend on factors such as location, origins, and, of course, actual value. Haute Living is proud to provide our readers with a little glimpse into the world of trophy properties currently on the market in Miami, Florida. Read More


Tweet-Worthy Real Estate

If Evan Williams is looking for something to tweet about these days, perhaps he could use his micro-blogging website to find a buyer for his San Francisco penthouse. Read More