Haute Secrets

Haute Secrets From The Coolest And Chicest 30-Year-Old CEO In NYC

The 30-year-old CEO of shoptiques.com, a global indie boutique platform she founded in 2011, came to this country when she was 17, knowing no English and with only $100 to her name. Determined to succeed, Vidisheva got into the super competitive Wellesley College (Hilary Clinton’s alma mater), became a model to help pay tuition, graduated from Harvard Business School, and worked 24/7 as a banker at Goldman Sachs before starting her own firm Read More

Steve Plotnicki Shares His New York Secrets

Steve Plotnicki’s passion for food has long been an intrinsic part of his life, if not always his career. A native New Yorker, he was a successful guitarist and songwriter before co-founding Profile Records in 1981. Read More