Haute Secrets

Haute Secrets: Holly Baxter’s Guide to San Francisco

As an independent art advisor to some of the Bay Area's wealthiest and most influential families, Holly Baxter of Baxter & Cook Art Advisors LLC has an eye for quality artwork that's really second to none. But today she shares her insight on the best that San Francisco has to offer outside the art gallery. Read More

Haute Secrets: Hilary Armstrong’s Guide to San Francisco

As Executive Producer of the documentary feature film “California State of Mind -The Legacy of Pat Brown,” about one of California's legendary political figures, Hilary Armstrong knows a great deal about California history. But today, she speaks to us about her love for its greatest city, San Francisco, and gives us her list of the best it has to offer. Read More

Haute Secrets: Brad Harrington’s Guide to San Francisco

Called a "marketing visionary" by the New York Post, Brad Harrington, the Chief Marketing Officer of Shaklee Corporation, is one of San Francisco's leading tastemakers. You are likely to see him and his stunning girlfriend Alyson Jackson at the very best hotspots in town. Here are his favorites. Read More

Haute Secrets: Alan Malouf’s Guide to San Francisco

Impeccable in dress and manner, Dr. Alan Malouf is at the top of everyone's preferred guest list, whether in his home town or visiting friends in New York, Los Angeles, Paris or London. Today, Dr. Malouf shares his list of the best that San Francisco has to offer for dining and entertainment. Read More

Haute Secrets: Allison Speer’s Guide to San Francisco

Allison Speer’s public relations firm has introduced luxury brands, products and boutiques to high end consumers in Northern California since 2000. As the ultimate arbiter of quality in the city, with a Rolodex that's unrivaled, it's no wonder she's the woman almost all major national and international luxury companies go to for representation in San Francisco. Read More