How to Make Your Home Smell Like Money

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Signature scents are the latest must-have for haute hotels, which pipe their custom scents through lobbies. That way it won’t matter if you’re in Hong Kong, London, Dubai or Miami, the hotel will smell like the brand, bringing back a flood of (hopefully) positive memories from your last visit. At the W Miami Beach and the Edition scent floats in the air, set against a clean canvas of brand new design. These places smell expensive. But how are they doing it?


Certainly not with candles or conventional room sprays. The magic is created with cold air diffusion machines like those from Boca Raton-based Aroma360’s line up. Ranging from mini machines, which can make a room or home smell good, to the Deluxe360, a larger one that goes directly inside HVAC system and covers most mansions and larger retail spaces (up to 8,000 square feet).


The mist is much finer than your average aerosol, converting essential oil-based fragrances into a nano particle mist. This gives a subtle, consistent scent that is devoid of “highs or lows”. It also makes for some pretty 21st century home-making. A good-smelling home has always been a must for the upper classes, and $80 scented candles are still the de rigueur currency for socialite hostess gifts. In the near future, that preferred give just might evolve into bottles of scent for their mist machine.

Farah Abassi
Farah Abassi

Aroma360 offers many, many scents to choose from that have been created by Founder Farah Abassi. Abassi is trained in Aromoacology, the science of the influence of scent on human behavior).  Aroma360’s fragrance line-up includes scents with names like Wicked Games (orchid, white mimosa, night rose and a hint of dark musk), I Can See Clearly Now (lemongrass with a hint of green herbal notes), and Purple Rain (Calming lavender flowers with the woody green notes of leaves).

Retailers are getting in on the action too as customers are much more likely to stay a while and spend money if they like the way the room smells good. The same applies to gyms and spas and Aroma360s Miami Beach gym clients Anatomy at 1220 and Barry’s Boot Camp. Best of all, both fragrance and hardware are made in the U.S.A., so get ahead of the curve and find the perfect scent for your dwelling or place of business here. 

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