Press the Flesh: the Top 5 Hook Up Bars in Chicago

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What is a hook up bar you may ask? A spot where more likely than not, you have a good chance at meeting someone. A little flirty fun to ring in the new year. Whether it’s harmless or not- we’ll leave that secret between the sheets.

1 McFadden’s

Established in New York City in 1977, McFadden's Saloon has been a landmark pub for almost 30 years. Their 6th location in the heart of the Gold Coast has an old world saloon feel, with a bit of debauchery still ingrained in the walls. Plus, you're on Rush and Division aka Cougar Corner.

1206 N. State Parkway. 312.475.9450.

2 Hangge-Uppe

A third dive bar, a third 80’s dance party, and a third rap room, the Hangge-Uppe is 100% referred to as “the hookup” for a reason- the cheap potent drinks and bad dancing.

14 W. Elm St. 312.337.0561.

3 Moe’s Cantina

Where would this list be without something in Wrigleyville? Albeit, most of the street is a hook up spot, wander along Clark and you should have some luck or at least plenty of options. Wrigleyfield is called the “World’s Biggest Single’s Bar” for a reason and Moe’s is the late night dance spot.

3518 N. Clark St. 773.248.0002.

4 Excalibur Night Club

The go to tourist club (it’s hard to miss a giant castle downtown), Excalibur has plenty of dark crevices and hidden rooms to get into trouble.

632 N. Dearborn St. 312.266.1944.

5 Cans Bar & Canteen

Known for “old school fun” with video games, classic movies, pool and a jukebox, Can’s is a little bit of the frat party invasion in Wicker Park. On Valentine’s Day, they have their very own half naked cupid.

1640 N. Damen Ave. 773.227.2277.

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