Super Bowl Expected to Create Traffic Jam at Teterboro Airport

Planning on chartering a private jet to watch the Super Bowl this weekend? You’re not the only one! Authorities are expecting big delays for passengers traveling in and out of Teterboro Airport—located about two miles north of MetLife Stadium—and are limiting the number of private plane landings and take-offs this week.

“You can’t just fly 300 planes out right after the game,” Port Authority spokesman Ron Marsico told CNN. Typically, Teterboro accommodates approximately 400 take-offs and landings in a single day, but the Federal Aviation Administration estimates that the New Jersey airport is expecting triple that amount in the days surrounding the Feb. 2 game. Even worse, the airport only has parking spots for 600 planes, which will result in logistical nightmares for the half its travelers.

To handle the overflow, officials are mandating that private jets reserve take-off and landing times for travelers arriving tomorrow through Feb. 4. Temporary “ramp coordinators” have also been hired to work with companies based at the airport to ensure that flights don’t back up.

For those football fans hoping to get out of town right after the game ends, the federal agency is prohibiting passengers to fly in or out of Teterboro between 2 PM and midnight on Super Bowl Sunday due to heightened security precautions for MetLife Stadium.