Ashley Gerry: A Naples Powerhouse Making a Difference at C’Mon Dreamhouse Gala

Ashley Gerry isn’t just a wife, mother, and community leader – she’s a force of nature. Her unwavering dedication to philanthropy has empowered countless lives in Naples, Florida, making her a shining example of how one person can truly make a difference.

Ashley Gerry

Photo Credit: Erik Kellar

This weekend, Ashley takes center stage as the chair of the “C’mon Dreamhouse! Let’s Go Barbie!” gala, a star-studded event benefiting the Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples. But her passion for giving back extends far beyond this single evening. It’s woven into the very fabric of who she is.  “My passion for philanthropy began as a child,” Ashley shares, her voice resonating with warmth. “Seeing commercials for food banks and homeless families, even children, left a deep mark on me. I knew I had to help, even in small ways.”

This early spark blossomed into action when Ashley moved to Naples. Volunteering as a pediatric hugger at Golisano Children’s Hospital opened her eyes to the needs of the community, igniting a lifelong commitment to fundraising and service. “Naples is unique,” Ashley emphasizes. “It’s a community where people give generously of their time, talents, and treasures. I’m constantly inspired by those who share their passions and make a difference.”

From JDRF and The Community School of Naples to The Children’s Museum and the Naples Children and Education Foundation, Ashley’s philanthropic journey has touched countless lives. Even in the face of Hurricane Ian’s devastation, she rallied her community, raising a staggering $1.5 million in just 45 days for those affected.

“As long as I’m able,” Ashley declares, “I’ll continue to give back. It’s a privilege to make a difference for those less fortunate.” This passion extends to her family, where she instills in her children the importance of helping others. “It’s never too young or too old to get involved,” she emphasizes.

For Ashley, a defining moment came from her early days as a pediatric hugger. “Holding children without family by their side,” she recalls, “made me realize the struggles many families face. Naples may be beautiful, but there are needs unseen.”

Her success isn’t measured in accolades but in tangible results. “Giving back gives me purpose,” she shares. “It’s about closing the gap in areas of need, whether it’s healthcare, education, or mental health support. “She acknowledges the challenges – homelessness, child exploitation, and the ever-growing needs of children. But her spirit remains undaunted. “We can’t do it all,” she admits, “but by focusing on a few causes and inspiring others, we can make a difference, together.”

This weekend’s “C’mon Dreamhouse! Let’s Go Barbie!” gala is a testament to Ashley’s dedication. Imagine an evening brimming with elegance, purpose, and the shared dream of empowering children. Guests will be treated to an unforgettable experience, knowing their participation directly impacts the lives of young minds.

“If you see something, say something,” Ashley urges. “Actions speak louder than words. Taking action, even in small ways, is how we create change.” Her message is clear: everyone has the power to make a difference, whether it’s volunteering, donating, or simply raising awareness.  To those who dream of making a difference, Ashley offers this: “Start small, find your passion, and never underestimate your ability to impact someone’s life. Together, we can build a brighter future for our community, one dream at a time.”

Ashley Gerry is more than just a gala chair or a community leader; she’s an embodiment of compassion, action, and unwavering hope. As she steps onto the “C’mon Dreamhouse” stage this weekend, her story serves as a beacon, inspiring others to embrace their power to make a difference. So, let’s dream big, act together, and celebrate the impact we can all create, one kind act at a time.