Haute Ambassador Adrienne Bosh’s Guide to Seamless Summer Packing

From the moment I was old enough to buy an airline ticket and travel without an accompanied adult, I’ve been a jet-setter. Whether it was a girls weekend in Miami to alleviate the after-break-up stress or Jamaica for a girlfriend’s wedding, my 20s were filled with airplane travel. Today, it is safe to say boarding a flight has become habit, and packing just second nature. Below are my seamless summer packing tips that will keep you a stress-free travel darling this summer.

Pack full outfits, take photos, have options

Packing your wardrobe can be the most stressful part of pre-travel, so ditch the days of packing pieces and pre-plan your outfits head to toe, (yes, that means shoes and accessories included!) For me, packing for a weekend usually means packing three to four outfits in separate clear drawstring bags that have each been tried on with proper adjustments or any alterations made, photographed and added to a photo album on my phone so I can easily see my weekend wardrobe while lounging in bed. Being able to access my “closet” from my phone and knowing my wardrobe is all pre-planned makes my mornings quick and easy! Pro tip: if you’re feeling the summer travel spirit, include multiple shoe options for each outfit. I love matching a heel and a flat, so I have the alternative depending on my morning mood!

Make sure your carry-on is on point

There is nothing like an uncomfortable plane ride, so packing my carry-on is almost as important as the packing process for my luggage. I like to include an eye mask, earplugs and noise-cancelling head phones, my iPad (pre-stocked with my favorite shows or movies), an emergency snack, comfy socks, a good magazine or book and my travel “comfy blanket and pillow.” There is something about the smell of home on my blanket and pillow that can momentarily make me believe I’m on my California King as opposed to a rocky plane ride!

Don’t forget the essentials

After spending hours trying on your wardrobe, picking matching pieces and finding a trendy statement necklace or bold cuff for each outfit, we sometimes overlook the essentials. To me, these include packing a trusty travel steamer (unfortunately the only drawback to drawstring bags is wrinkles), pre-charging all electronics, a ready mobile battery back and a small (but vital) necessaire bag with different medicines and bandages in case of an emergency.

Don’t panic, use your resources

It seems like even with days of planning, we sometimes forget our most beloved possessions. Before becoming acquainted with my No. 1 resource, the hotel concierge, I would sink into panic mode when I forgot an item or suffered the travel blues. Now I know that anything from a kettle of hot water for my favorite tea, to a heating pad for pains and aches can be available without leaving my hotel room, I rest assured that no road bumps will ruin my trip!