Worth the Wait

Good things come to those who wait. We’ve all heard this statement a million times but it rings true more so than ever with the anticipation of The Chatwal New York’s opening in Spring 2010. The posh hotel’s website does a fantastic job giving you a taste of what to expect upon its opening, but for those of us who lack patience in the all things fabulous department, the more insight and details, the better. With that said, we can all thank the hotel’s public relations department for being so understanding and giving us just what we need to curb our insatiable appetite for this gem of a hotel — even more details.

The Chatwal family has been the creative force behind several other extravagant hotels across the world, from New York to Bangkok, all successful, all fantastic. But given the details thus far, The Chatwal New York is set to be even more unique and more fabulous than its brother and sister hotels around the globe.  Let’s talk mattresses first.

No luxury hotel is complete without a luxurious mattress. Sumptuous pillow-tops, Sleep Numbers, featherbeds, they are all nice. But the mattresses at The Chatwal New York will be handmade and will even include a pillow menu. Excuse me, but a menu for pillow choices? Genius! Out of the 88 guestrooms, 38 will be larger suites, some with private terraces. The wall and closet treatments are ridiculous, but I mean that in a marvelous way. The walls will be surfaced with fine suede, and closets will be wrapped in leather. Incredible as these features are, we can’t forget about the building itself because given the history behind it, it’s equally impressive. Thierry Despont, famed architect and designer, was in charge of restoring the historic wonder. The plans were to honor its past as home to the Lambs Club society, America’s first professional theatrical club. The society dates back to early 19th century and has included members such as Fred Astaire and Gene Autry. In keeping with the honorary plans, Despont modernized certain elements but kept in line with the crucial ones as to maintain the building’s historic feel as promised. One of the most impressive is an original ornate fireplace that will serve as the centerpiece of the Geoffrey Zakarian restaurant.

These are only a few details that were released on the side and for now they will just have to do. In the mean time though, all we can do is start planning our incredible stays there and dream of handmade mattresses and pillows galore. I’m relaxed just thinking about it.

Via: Hotel Chatter