The Best of Florida: Marco Island

Florida is a veritable treasure trove of paradises. Haute Living will be exploring a few of these enviable enclaves, speaking with the most successful real estate brokers in various markets to learn what it is that separates their region from the rest.

Haute Living Why visit Marco Island, Florida?
Mike O’Rourke Many folks will say because of the sunshine, great beaches, warm gulf waters, fantastic fishing, outstanding golf courses, amazing sunsets, and terrific seafood cuisine, but I think it goes beyond that. People love coming here because Marco Island offers privacy, convenience, comfort, and, most importantly, complete relaxation. The combination of these factors makes it so different from other luxury resort destinations. It’s a very special place to visit.

How do you get there?
MO Marco Island is off of the southwestern most point of Florida—right on the Gulf of Mexico, south of Naples, and west of Miami. Just three miles north of Marco Island, the Marco Executive Airport caters to private aircraft with two runways. One can fly in and begin enjoying the island lifestyle in no time at all. Convenience and lack of travel hassles are a real benefit. Some people choose to fly into Fort Myers, Miami, or Fort Lauderdale and drive from those locales, all of which are less than two hours away.

What is the appeal of Marco Island?
MO It’s a small community with a laid-back, friendly atmosphere. The natural beauty of the Gulf of Mexico and the Everglades provide a breathtaking backdrop. The tropical climate is very comfortable, and it’s a great getaway during the cold winter season up north. People often mention that as they drive over the bridge, they feel like they’re entering a different world; all of their troubles and stresses from the daily grind seem to float away.

HL Why do you think people visit again and again?
MO It’s the perfect place to reconnect with family and friends. It is also an ideal location to recharge your batteries. You can pursue many activities such as golf and fishing, or just lie on a beach all day. Guests are excited to arrive and most always leave feeling revitalized. On the way back home, daydreams of the next visit usually run rampant through people’s minds. Marco Island is an amazing place to completely relax. People just can’t get enough of that.

HL How long have you lived on Marco Island and what do you do there?
MO I’ve been visiting since the late 1980s and moved here full-time three years ago. Aside from all the great activities, I have the best job in the world. I help people find their dream home on an island paradise. My focus is on luxury waterfront properties here on Marco Island. There is an excellent selection of luxury homes and condos on the Gulf, as well as spacious lots to build on. I will help you find a fantastic place in this tropical heaven.

HL How many homes do you currently represent in the area?
MO It’s not about selling your own listings. My approach is to help people find what they are really looking for and provide them with great customer service. I help people find their dream home, which means I search the entire multiple listing service for the right home. I’ve even contacted property owners of unlisted homes that meet the criteria of my customers. By doing this, I am serving the needs of my customers. This allows me to establish the level of trust and confidence that my customers are looking for.

HL What do you feel is the top property you represent and why?
MO One thing to keep in mind is that real estate is a people business. I help people find what they are looking for, and people have different tastes and interests. The people who visit Marco Island come from many different parts of the world. Telling you about a specific property really does Marco Island and your readers a disservice. This is a special place and my customers come here to enjoy the warm Gulf waters and complete relaxation. I find them a great place whether it’s a spectacular penthouse condo, a private lot to build upon, or a waterfront estate with a large boat dock. Then I leave them alone to soak up the many pleasures that Marco offers.

HL Why should someone buy a property on Marco Island?
MO Marco Island offers a terrific combination of privacy, convenience, comfort, and tranquility. It is surrounded by natural beauty and enjoys a fantastic climate. This is a special place to spend quality time with family and friends, or just relax alone partaking in favorite activites.
When you compare the property prices and the quality-of-life benefits on Marco Island to other luxury resorts you will see what an excellent value it really is. My question is, why don’t you come to Marco Island and see it for yourself?

Mike O’Rourke
Harborview Realty
Marco Island, FL