Dubai To Bounce Back

Incredible Dubai, with all of its beauty and growth has come to a bit of a standstill. Over the past 5 years we saw Dubai shoot up out of the blue. Waves were made and heads were turned when all of the clever, ingenious ideas began to flow. Islands were formed, buildings were built, dreams were beginning to be fulfilled. And suddenly, nothing. Things have come to a halt over in the Middle East.

On October 5th, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, executive vice president for the Trump Organization, Donald Trump, Jr. said, “”It was too significant a part of the story of growth over the last 10 years to completely disappear. There will be growth again, though I do not think it will be like it was in the past.”

Along with Trump, there were several other influential figures at the conference.  They all believe that there is no way that with a plan as well constructed as this can fail. People are too excited to see the finished product to let the projects collapse. Trump is confident that the Dubai government will be able to rectify the struggling economy.

Just hold on tight for a little while and let the Middle East get back on their feet. In no time we are going to be able to hope on our jet and take a getaway to one of the most reinvented countries in our lifetime.

Via: The Real Deal