Chef Todd English Skips Own Wedding, Heads to SoBe

Todd English was recently reported by Haute Living to have been “partying it up” at Taverna Opa in West Palm Beach for the restaurant’s one year anniversary last week. Well, he’s back in Florida this week, but we don’t have such celebratory news to report in this Todd English update. Over the weekend, Mr. English left his bride-to-be, Erica Wang, at the altar in New York City’s St. Regis Hotel.

He may have been named one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in 2001, be a world renowned celebrity chef who owns multiple restaurants, and he may have recently worked as a guest judge on the incredibly popular show Top Chef…but Todd English is proving that despite his professional successes, he’s somewhat less successful when it comes to the ladies.

With two previously failed engagements and a divorce on his relationship resume, no one knows for certain what happened to the couple who ended their romance over the weekend. Whether it was a mutually decided upon non-fairytale ending, a case of some cold English feet, or something entirely different, the chef didn’t waste any time in getting down to sunny Florida, and specifically to the (very public) W South Beach, after somewhat paradoxically requesting that the public “respect my privacy” after the non-wedding. The disappearing-groom act over the weekend is certainly not helping rumors that English could be the mystery man behind the surprise pregnancy of the Top Chef’s host, although no official word has been given regarding the identity of the father.

Back in New York, instead of following suit and getting some rest in the sun, Ms. Wang reportedly tried to make the most of the wedding, which was already paid for, by putting on one of her best black dresses and partying at the St. Regis Hotel with the 150 out-of-town wedding guests who were expecting, but never got, a weekend wedding wonderland.

Via: Hotel Chatter