Suiting Up in Duca Sartoria


 Pair the suit with a linen shirt for an edgy effect and you are ready to roll for the entire day, morning through night.

As the sunny days become longer, I encourage you to find inspiration in the beautiful sights of the season and incorporate color into your wardrobe. Spring and summer suits have the unique ability to carry the wearer throughout the day and well into the night. The following styles represent my choices of the best looks of the season for the well-dressed gentleman. Whether worn on the season’s first outing in the Hamptons or while sipping a cocktail on a New York terrace, don any of these suits and rest assured that you are dressed in the season’s absolute best.

Summer Business Attire

Just because the temperature is rising doesn’t mean that suits can be forgotten during the warmer months. However you don’t have to be miserably hot, either. Summer suits are made out of light wools mixed with silk, which allows for a cooler feeling and a nicer look. Kid mohair, also popular for summer suits, is a special wool that is very breathable and fresh, with the added benefit of being completely wrinkle-free.

The summer suits lend themselves perfectly to nice classic patterns, such as the Prince of Wales. To complete the look, the brown shade and burgundy lines should be matched with the color of shoes. The Solaro is masterful example of a classic gentleman’s spring/summer suit. For colors, I find it difficult to choose between the typical red shine version and the new blue reflex.

The Unusual: Cotton and Linen

This season’s beautiful linen suits combine an old style (the sleek cut) with a new interpretation (the half lining). Men have the option of choosing between the classic American cut of a traditional seersucker and the Italian way, which is to wear a cotton suit without worrying about the wrinkled material. At the end of an Italian workday, if your suit or cotton blazer shows that it needs some rest, it is considered to be a badge of honor.
Colors for these cotton and linen suits vary from the basic blue or light brown to off-white. For the more fashion brazen, I recommend a soft shade of yellow, which is the style for men in Milan right now. Pair the suit with a linen shirt for an edgy effect and you are ready to roll for the entire day, morning through night.

The Rich Choice

Recession or not, it is always important to invest in looking your best. A custom silk suit or blazer, made with the best Super 180’S wool or sparkling summer cashmere is an asset that you are certain to have for the next 10 years. A custom-made garment in these materials delivers a strong and confident statement without coming across as arrogant. The soft material will make you forget you are even wearing a suit, although I can guarantee those around you will certainly take note. A light shade of gray looks formal during the day and makes a classic statement at night, and it is a color that will always be in style.

The Weekend Look

During the hot summer months, when in casual situations, you can feel free to shed the jacket and wear just a shirt, as long as it is the right one: the Player Shirt. When I created this style, I was looking for something to relax in after a long business day. Take off your tie, or even just open one more button and untuck the bottom, and—voila!—the formal shirt becomes a nice sporty item that can be worn in an informal but chic way. I can assure you that you will feel special with this unique piece.

Pair the shirt with colorful cotton pants and it creates the perfect look for the beach. The Player Shirt offers the same level of comfort as a polo shirt but has an added sophistication thanks to the precious cottons (such as sea island cotton or a platinum super light cotton) and linen material.

More than ever, I hope you all enjoy the beautiful season and show it through your outfits. It is a fun way to express yourself, and it will make you look—and therefore feel—much better.

Ciao a tutti,
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