Haute Toys: BeoVision 4 103


When not in use, the screen sits mere inches above the floor, reducing its dominating stature, but when turned on, the BeoVision 4 103 rises to optimum viewing height with the touch of a button on the Beo5 remote control. Created by Bang & Olufsen, the BeoVision also uses a BeoLab 10 center speaker that surfaces from under the screen as it elevates.

The 18-second elevation is perfectly timed with the surround sound startup and the opening of the electronic curtains, which epitomizes this device’s high-end performance as a home theater. Other features include an anti-reflection coated contrast screen with automatic picture control and Adaptive Sound Technology that incorporates Digital Signal Processing to adjust for direct sound from anywhere in the room. Due to the immense size, the piece will be available for special order only.