Life’s a Journey: Custom-fit Yachts


In a literal sea of interior designers specializing in custom-fit yachts, it can become overwhelming to sift through the good, the bad, and the brilliant. There is, however, one company that sticks out in a crowd: Patrick Knowles Designs.

With more than 23 years of experience of completing stunning custom yacht and custom aircraft interior designs, it is indubitable the Patrick Knowles is one of the most venerable in the respective design industries. His namesake company, Patrick Knowles Designs (comprised of 12 talented design artists) has worked with nearly every major ship manufacturing company, both in the U.S. and overseas, including Burger, Delta, Trinity Yachts, Palmer Johnson, and Feadship. With a slew of projects under its belt, PKD has been the recipient of numerous accolades and has garnered a flawless reputation amongst the international jet-set and yachting elite. Best known for the design team’s attention to detail—from design concept to installation—everything executed by PKD is pure perfection.

 Not only is Destination stunning inside and out, she is powerful, keen, and fast.

With one of the most impressive portfolios in the industry, PKD added one more to the list in May of 2008 that solidified its position as an industry leader: Destination FOXHARB’R Too. This 160-foot Trinity Yachts masterpiece might be PKD’s most impressive work to date, and she has already been nominated for the “Best Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yacht in the 40-plus range.” The winner will be announced this coming May at London’s historic Guildhall, host of the World Superyacht Awards.

The interior of this stunning vessel exemplifies why PKD is so highly revered amongst both clients and competitors. Destination is the exemplification of class, grace, and beauty. Her interior is filled with some of the world’s most rare and fine textiles, typically unseen in other yachts of her caliber. The PKD design team used the “European Spa Resort” as a major influence, which is reflected throughout the seamless integration of design and innovation displayed in every room on board. Ron Joyce, the owner of Destination, named her after his golf resort in Canada, so it comes as no surprise that her interior is reflective of a luxury destination. Tailored, sophisticated fabrics appoint the couches, chairs, and drapery, and rare natural materials such as Beaumaniere limestone, river rock pebbles, and walnut travertine abound the interior, complementing the millwork palette of lacewood, Makassar ebony, Honduran mahogany, and redwood burl.

Hand-carved glass doors throughout provide for an open and artistic feel, though the greatest piece of art rests in the main dining room: a stunning, richly colored mural that perfectly complements the ship’s understated serene palette, comprised of warm organic hues. The split-level owner’s suite, by far the most stunning of all the rooms onboard, offers sublime, 180-degree views of the sparkling water. However, the sky lounge does give the suite a run for its money. A concentric ceiling with a stunning bronze chandelier at the bull’s-eye creates an out-of-this-world effect, while the 62-inch plasma screen television, contemporary arched couches echoing the circular motion of the ceiling, and full bar crafted of turquoise and blue glass offer all the worldly conveniences we love. The flybridge and sun deck features a Jacuzzi with room for eight and is surrounded by an alfresco dining port and chaise lounges.

Not only is Destination stunning inside and out, she is powerful, keen, and fast. Her 28-foot and aluminum semi-displacement hull and aluminum superstructure are propelled by two Caterpillar engines, allowing her to reach a top cruising speed of 20 knots with a cruising range of 3,000 nautical miles at 10 knots.

While Destination might be one of PKD’s most impressive works, with a full calendar of projects for 2009 and beyond, she’s likely to have some fierce competition sooner rather than later. While the PKD team of artisans and designers is busy creating day and night, lady Destination will relax in the balmy waters of the Mediterranean where she currently resides.