Commitment to Excellence : Zeluck


In the fenestration trade, the tides of architectural trend and choice may constantly shift, but one thing remains the same-total commitment to exceed expectations isn’t merely a goal, it’s a decades-old devoted practice at Zeluck. For nearly a century, this family owned and operated firm has been serving the architectural community and discerning customers with fully customized and tested windows and doors that combine the best in European craftsmanship, American manufacturing ingenuity, and high-tech aesthetics.

Made in America and with showrooms in Palm Beach, California, and New York, Zeluck’s tailor-made solutions are the result of endless innovation, creativity, and expertise. Born out of a pioneering spirit in 1921 by glazier Jack Zeluck, the company’s three-generation (it’s now headed by the brother tag team of Kevin and Roy Zeluck, who serve as co-presidents) track record of historical, traditional, and contemporary installations include some of the most stunning homes in the U.S., the Caribbean, and the world, as well as institutional, landmark, and historical replication projects nationwide that include: Liberty State Park, Gracie Mansion, The Phillips Collection museum, the Bronx Zoo, and even some work at the White House. “Anybody that says today that you can’t make what was made in the old days is wrong,” says Kevin. No other organization can match the firm’s staying power or experience, so it’s no wonder why Zeluck is the country’s most highly respected window and door company.

The company’s unyielding search for excellence knows no boundaries, and that has led to a sophisticated fusion of engineering, design, fabrication, and service. Within the scope of each and every project, the Zeluck team forms a working partnership with the architect, decorator, builder, contractor, and client. The results are products made from the finest materials available, custom-crafted to individual specs…and unmatched for quality, variety, and precision. “Our customized wood-frame creations are the Bentley, the Rolex of windows,” says Roy. “Everybody is looking for the incomparable quality of yesterday, and Zeluck certainly offers it.”

┬áZeluck’s use of the finest materials available, coupled with meticulous detailing and old-world quality assures the enduring beauty one would expect from only the highest of the high-end.

What kind of window leads him to make that kind of claim? How about one framed in an exotic timber like cherry or walnut, 10 feet tall, and mechanized to disappear into the floor with the push of a button (several of these were once created in Honduran mahogany for a custom installation around an indoor pool). Or a bronze-clad and aluminum one offered by their other firm, Fenestra America, considered the finest of its type on the market. And if somebody wants toys, Zeluck can certainly offer them. The company has done just about any door or window style an architect has dreamed up, creating high-value window and door systems that utilize many innovative, optional features such as motorized window lifts and screens that automatically close when it rains, voice-activated and fingerprint operated doors, and bulletproof glass panes.

Zeluck believes that a well-constructed high-end residential window or door is not just a fine piece of work with superior performance characteristics. The company also believes in impact standards without compromise. That’s why it has the largest selection of windows and doors for waterfront properties approved for Dade County and SBCCI building codes. “These hurricane impact certifications are the standard,” says Kevin, “and it’s the only way we can ensure that all of our clients are adequately protecting their homes and loved ones. It’s made us the go-to company for a clientele list of Oscar winners, Grammy winners, and Fortune 500 CEOs who own extravagant property in high-wind zones like the Hamptons, South Florida, Anguilla, St. Martin, St. John, and many other private islands.”

The company’s extensive product range and inexhaustible library of profiles, designs, and drawings (probably the largest in the world) provide unlimited freedom of choice and flexibility. Zeluck’s use of the finest materials available, coupled with meticulous detailing and old-world quality assures the enduring beauty one would expect from only the highest of the high-end. Additionally, total project planning and design is a given. Commitment to quality control commences at the time of inception and continues through the entire construction, adhering to the conviction that this type of attention is integral rather than additive. Engineers, project managers, and drafts people comprise a support team that provides full-cycle help with creative input, specs, drawings, delivery, and installation, so that Zeluck’s cutting-edge security, hardware, weather stripping, and glass guarantee that clients have the most up-to-date technology available.

Zeluck is a creative partner that lets no detail fall to the wayside. Fine craftsmanship, elegant styling, and precise detailing make the view of the windows as impressive as the view from them-the only limit is imagination. “We do everything we can to not only deliver a great product of enduring beauty, but also, perhaps more importantly, a great experience,” says Roy.