What Will Happen in 2009


Happy New Year! Did 2008 treat you (and your stock portfolio) well? No? You are not alone. Many of even the most well-to-do billionaires weren’t pounding the bubbly when the ball dropped to celebrate the new year but to drown their sorrows about the last. But, according to the wealthiest among us, 2009 might bring the light at the end of this recession tunnel.

Forbes talked to 12 members of its infamous Billionaires List and got their predictions about what 2009 will bring. While many of those queried predicted the Dow to bottom out in the next three months, Randal J. Kirk eloquently quoted quote Goldwyn: “Nobody knows nothing.”  So what do you think will happen in ’09? Check out the link to see what the billionaires predict. And for those so brazen,  the entire questionnaire is listed below; leave your predictions in the comment field.

1. What is the most alarming trend facing the economy today?

2. What will a barrel of oil cost next December?

3. What level will the Dow bottom out at? When will this happen?

4. When will the economy return to positive growth?

5. What levels of unemployment will reach in 2009?

6. What is the first fiscal policy decision the Obama administration should make in January, and how much market regulation should they pursue?

7. Has your attitude toward philanthropy changed as the economy has faltered?

8. What’s the 800-pound financial gorilla in the room?

9. In 2008 the minimum fortune required to be ranked on The Forbes 400 was $1.3 billion. What do you believe the price of admission will be in 2009?

10. What is your bold prediction for 2009?