Rain boot Chic


On a rainy day in New York, and most major cities around the globe, if you take a glance down you will undoubtedly bare witness to the countless pairs of Wellington boots trouncing through puddles or slush. Within the past few years, the Hunter brand has experienced tremendous growth, and its popularity amongst the masses has earned the rights to call the boots a fashion staple. And now, a different kind of fashion footwear staple, Jimmy Choo is offering the traditional rain boots a full makeover. The famed shoemaker will keep the original sole and shape of the boot and add playfully chic details such as a soft leopard print lining, embossed rubber crocodile print, and golden buckles and rivets. And of course, as with any pair of Jimmy Choo’s, there comes a price. While traditional Hunter rain boots generally run around $95, these limited edition Choo’s will retails at $300. The boots are slated to hit stores in early June of 2009.