Philppe Starck and Parrot Make Couture Music Together


Via a mix of iconoclastic design and innovation, Zikmu, a set of eye-catching wireless speakers, has been created by the famous unconventional designer Philppe Starck and French firm Parrot. Made to blend elegant minimalism with the latest and popular tech, the 2.5-foot-tall speakers are billed as timeless works of art with their aerial curves and dense black color. “These speakers are thoroughly modern, thanks to all their technical specifications and minimalist design,” explains Philippe Starck. “They feature the most extreme and innovative technology with the fewest possible materials to deliver maximum effect: that is the magic.” Zikmu stands at the cutting edge of new wireless technologies and streams audio tracks without any wires in sight thanks to its dedicated iPod/iPhone docking station and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tech. The two speakers communicate with each other using Bluetooth in order to position both speakers wherever in the room. In addition, the speakers and connected device can be controlled from anywhere in the room using the Parrot by Starck smart remote control. The unit also revolutionizes traditional acoustic design by using innovative audio technology to bring consumers a 360° immersive sound experience thanks to NXT(TM) technology. An extra-flat membrane creates small-scale vibrations across its entire surface to faithfully reproduce the medium and treble frequencies, optimally radiating sound from both sides of the speaker. Regardless of the size of the room and the position of the columns, the sound will adapt to the acoustics. “We were not aiming to create just another speaker,” says Philippe Starck. “Our design focused more on making the air vibrate. There is actually a three-dimensional feel to this vibration, meaning that the air is palpable, almost humanlike in presence, like a fragrance.” The air vibrating speakers will be available for Spring 2009 for $1,500.