To Protect and Serve


By Beth Brody

With the economy in a panic and the mad holiday season just beginning you probably secretly want some serious protection for your valuable assets. Traum Heirloom Vault answers your deep fears about the security of precious valuables and personal treasures. The bank is outdone with this vault, which claims to be stronger than a conventional bank vault.  And we have all watched movies about bank break-ins that leave you gripping your jewels a little tighter.  Protecting your valuables doesn’t require guard dogs and multiple locks, just one nifty and customized Traum Heirloom Vault.  The vault is fully customized to personal specifications and the large safe’s interior lighting saves you from digging in the dark for that certain Rolex or diamond earrings.  High-tech Relastan armor safely guards your treasure and can even connect to an existing home security system.  Protecting your valuables in style, the safe’s interior is appropriately golden in color and complete with a gorgeous blue lacquer finished exterior.  The Traum Heirloom Safe is available exclusively from Frontgate and will provide peace of mind for $180,000.