How to Start a Ponzi Scheme


With all of this talk about Bernie Madoff taking $50 billion from the most well-heeled citizens up and down the East Coast, it is only natural to be thinking, “How can I bilk boatloads of cash from innocent bystanders and not get caught for years while living the highlife?” Well, then, Forbes has the how-to article for you!

In the piece, Joan Lappin reflects on all of the Ponzi schemes she has witnessed during her 43 years on Wall Street. From her wealth of knowledge about what not to do, she has compiled a quick list of rules for making the Ponzi turn a profit. Her rules are as follows:

1.    Be Gracious and Endearing
2.    Look Very Prosperous
3.    Pretend you Have a lot of Special Wisdom and Knowledge, Even if you Don’t
4.    Wrap Yourself in Religion

Hmmmm. Sounds simple enough! I’ll get right on it. She obviously shares a few more details, so we recommend you check out the link before looking for your first investor. Happy hunting!

Via Forbes