Give the Gift of Islands


By Beth Brody

Having some trouble finding the perfect gift for someone on your list that seems to have everything?  If you really want to impress, you can try following the extravagant real estate gift-giving footsteps of the prince of Dubai. When determining the best holiday offering for Michael Schumacher, the wealthy prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum didn’t just stop at a vacation home or hot piece of land; he gave the former F1 racecar driver an entire island. Schumacher’s new island is valued at about $7 million and is a part of the man-made group of islands entitled “The World.”  Schumacher now owns a piece of the Southern Hemisphere, with his personal hideaway a part of the Antarctica cluster of The World.” This man-made gift is another example of the Dubai prince’s fascination with the F1 racer, which was first actualized by the Schumacher world champion tower in Abu Dhabi.  If a building isn’t quite extravagant enough for someone on your gift list, an island seems to be the next notch up.

Via Private Islands Magazine