Today in Trumpotopia: Ivanka Trump Writing Book


Ivanka Trump, the do-all wonder woman spawned from the Donald is about to add yet another “core experience” to her rezzie: author. The 27-year-old has sold the world rights of her opus to Zachary Schisgal, senior editor at Touchstone (a division of publishing house Simon & Schuster), in a deal with Mel Berger at William Morris. Described as “a motivational title for women of her generation,” the yet untitled book will share Ms. Trump’s life experiences and tutelage tip lessons from her intriguingly-coiffed daddy-o, as well as other over-achievers and biz luminaries. The Vank is already the founder of her own jewelry line and an exec Vice Prez of real estate development and acquisition for the Trump Organization. The book goes to press in fall 2009, which makes her cup runneth over even more. Just last month, the Penn grad and Jared Kushner selected an outspoken rabbi who once battled the New York Times to convert her to Judaism for their upcoming nuptials, as reported by the New York Post. Still, she should be just fine. She’s no stranger to the world of publishing; her pops first hit the bestseller list with 1988’s The Art of the Deal and has gone on to write numerous other titles, while mother Ivana has typed out two novels as well as a self-help book. Of course, if she gets that paralyzing thing called writer’s block, or the possibly even more distressing deadlinitis, there’ll be that little extra safety net provided by co-writer Chris Morrow.

Via Cityfile