Signature Hermès Style


By: Beth Brody

What is your signature style? Famed musician Eric Clapton has found his with help from Hermès. When choosing which accessory to sport from the luxury designer, he appropriately settled on an ultra-luxurious custom-made crocodile guitar case.  Clapton’s personalized case is specially fitted to hold his signature Martin 00028 EC acoustic guitar, an instrument that he helped design. The case’s shell is crafted with poplar wood from Nazareth, Pennsylvania and covered with the world’s finest matte-finish crocodile skin.  To protect his musical baby, the case is lined with blue silk velvet. You can find your own personal style just as this famous rock star has through the Hermès special orders work-shop which can produce everything from customized handbags to Rolls Royce interiors. The personalized creations can help bring your inner rock star out, but of course, for a price.  Clapton’s croc stunner is estimated to have sot around $100,000.