New Ways to new Effieciency: BMW at the LA Auto Show


In 1998, BMW engineers demonstrated the superiority of their diesel technology on the racetrack by winning the 24-hours of Nuerburgring in a race-tuned 320d Sedan. This grueling test of endurance not only proved the 320d’s ability to run longer between fuel stops, but, on a larger scale, demonstrated that performance and fuel efficiency are not mutually exclusive. Now, a decade later, BMW will once again display its research and development dominance by presenting a wide variety of efficiency enhancing technologies as well as new models at this year’s LA Auto Show. Models presented include the new BMW 7 Series, the all-electric MINI-E, Concept 7 Series Active Hybrid, X5 xDrive35d and 335d Sedan with BMW Blue Performance Technology. In addition to being better for the environment in terms of reduced greenhouse gas emissions, these diesel engines also have increased torque. This enhanced concept for minimum exhaust gas emissions has been developed to meet the strict emissions standards in effect in California and other states. BMW’s Blue Performance technology filters and actually cleans the exhaust before it leaves the vehicle, making this generation of Diesel engines the cleanest BMW has ever produced. With reduced emissions from comparable gasoline vehicles, and near-elimination of both smoke and NOx emissions, BMW Advanced Diesels will be every bit as clean as CARB-legal gasoline engines. As a means of producing so much power with a minimum of environmental impact and a maximum of fuel efficiency, it’s no surprise that BMW will be among the first to introduce 50-state clean diesel technology. Taking home the prestigious Engine of the Year Award several times, Beemer’s diesel engines are renowned for their unequaled harmony of dynamic performance, innovative technology, surprisingly low fuel consumption-along with a smoothness that is uncommon for a diesel.