Jet of the Week: 2007 Airbus 319 ACJ


Airbus Industrie SAS was officially established in 1970 with collaboration between the governments of Germany, France and UK deciding to compete against US Aerospace companies of the 1960’s. The result was some of the most elite aircraft known today including many exquisite business jets. The 2007 Airbus 319 ACJ is an example of this class and style representing a medium range twin engine luxury aircraft that is specifically designed for executive travel.

This particular corporate jet is able to accommodate 32 passengers in spacious comfort with fully private offices established to maximize business efficiency while in flight. Light interior colors with plush carpet and leather seating add to its comforts as does its quiet ambience. With a range of more than 6000 miles, a speed of 528 mph, and large passenger ability, the Airbus 319 provides a wonderful setting to make the most of the moment.

More than 50 Airbus 319 ACJ jets are currently in service with many in production to meet ongoing demand. With increasing international travel, globalization of the economy, and many emerging markets, it is no wonder demand for the ACJ has increased. Indeed, for sizeable parties who are serious about executive travel, the Airbus 319 ACJ can meet the highest expectations. Breeding success requires a successful means of luxury travel as the ACJ clearly demonstrates for many businesses today.

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