Klum Throws Annual Halloween Party at NYC’s 1oak


After nine years of throwing Halloween extravaganzas, one might assume that super model Heidi Klum would tire of the festivities, but alas, this year’s extravaganza may have just been the best one yet. Returning to New York from a west coast trip, Klum threw the celebration Friday night at NYC’s most exclusive lounge and celebrity favorite hang out, 10ak. Though the traffic was fierce crossing 6th avenue from the notorious Manhattan Halloween parade, Klum made sure it was well worth the battle. Questlove of the Philadelphia ensemble The Roots ran the turntables and guests danced while sipping on Absolut 100. Klum stole the show per usual, dressed as Hindu goddess Kali, replete with the required eight limbs, blue makeup top to bottom, and bejeweled headdress. Her partner in crime and everyone’s favorite crooner Seal, wore a dagger necklace of loose fingers and Hawaiian shirt. Some notable costumes included Cruella De Vil, many pirates, and of course, an Obama-supporting superhero.