Chanel Meets Birkenstock


Vermont might be the last place you would expect to have a run in with the flamboyant and iconic Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel, but if you have an upcoming ski trip to Burlington or spend the summer on Lake Champlain, you just might. It has been recently reported that the fashion legend has finalized his purchase of a Vermont country home. The house is very Vermont, country-chic, but surprisingly for Lagerfeld, far from opulent. The Greek Revival-style brick structure dates back to 1850 with a new addition and includes a small apple orchard, paneled library, pear trees, and stunning vistas of the picturesque lake. 7 Days reports that Lagerfeld paid just over $500,000 for the humble residence, and that he has put this latest purchase to use already. Just last week Lagerfeld staged a Chanel photo shoot in the green mountain state with a crew of 40. The question still remains…do Birkenstocks become the fashion legend? We will just have to wait and see.