Jet of the Week: 2007 Gulfstream IV Business Jet


Luxury travel comes in many forms, and Gulfstream Aerospace has become known as a landmark for luxurious business jet travel. In the 2007 Gulfstream IV business jet, performance and comfort meet to provide the best in a large luxury jet. In its 45.1 foot length, passengers are treated to spacious comfort while being pampered in soft beautiful leather seating. The normal discomforts of long distance air travel evaporate in the Gulfstream IV whether you conduct business in flight or whether you choose to recline for a relaxing trip.

Part of the pleasures of the Gulfstream IV includes its tremendous range and speed which transports you quickly to your next destination. With a range of 4833 miles and a speed of 548 mph, intercontinental travel is like a drive across town. Cruising at a flight ceiling of 45,000 feet and avoiding many inclement weather patterns, the Gulfstream IV not only provides a luxury interior but also a luxury ride. Its two twin turbofan Rolls-Royce Tay 611-8 engines create the ability and power to navigate most any environment.

Whether you are on business or pleasure, the Gulfstream IV is the epitome of luxury, comfort and style. In-flight entertainment with DVD, CD or satellite communications offer a variety of travel options for the long range luxury traveler. Likewise, a large galley with aft and forward lavatories attends to all of one’s needs regardless of the distance in flight. For private jet charters that exude elegance, comfort and performance, the Gulfstream IV will exceed all of your expectations. Consider a G4 the next time you plan long distance air travel and enjoy luxury in the sky.

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