Cointreau Noir


Cointreau has just recently released its newest and tastiest addition. Don’t let the traditional shape of the bottle fool you, the gorgeous copper cover is just the beginning of the new flavors it encapsulates. The new Cointreau Noir is a blend of Cointreau, the perfect balance of sweet and bitter orange, with Remy Martin, the world’s finest cognac whose secret recipe has passed from cellar master to cellar master during a rich, 280 year history. In fact, Cointreau Noir is so exquisite it can be appreciated neat or simply on the rocks; as the slogan so eloquently puts it, there is nothing to add. The presence of Cointreau is clearly distinguished in this new blend, while the sweet and tart fruit flavor is enhanced by Remy’s wood and vanilla aroma. The combination truly tantalizes the senses and is already becoming an essential to any cognac aficionado, and will surely be a favorite this holiday season.