Ralph Pagano Dreams Up Naked Taco

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Dream Dining View 1

Ralph Pagano, of Alba Seaside Italian in Sunny Isles, has opened a new Mexican restaurant in The Dream Hotel, replacing Serafina. The concept seems perfect for the heart of South Beach with all the necessary ingredients.  Provocative name: check. Casual-yet-innovative dining: check. Celebrity chef: check, murals of naked Dia de los Muertos girls: check, check check!

Naked Taco will be open three meals a day and Bar Mañana, will feature sinful dishes like Nutella pancakes and Kaluha-laced Mexican coffee for breakfast. Bar Noche, on the other hand, will offer up 125 different kinds of Tequila and Mezcal. In between you’ll be able to nosh on Snapper Fajitas, Florida Lobster  and gourmet tacos of all ilks which can be made with fillers like Korean-barbecue-short-rib or fried-chicken wrapped in corn, flour or lettuce shells.

Dream Lounge View 2



Dream Detail view 1

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