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The Haute Lawyer Network by Haute Living is an exclusive, invitation-only membership circle featuring select attorneys from each of the top markets in the U.S. This elite network connects Haute Living’s affluent audience with renowned lawyers deemed the best of the best in their specific region. This exclusive, expert-curated platform is highly-sought after and only offers two memberships per market.


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Membership Benefits



The Haute Lawyer Network is an elite subsidiary product of Haute Living. This partnership-driven network connects consumers to top-ranked attorneys in segmented target areas. Be one of two Lawyer experts–per specialty–in your market.



Our exclusive platform offers you visibility, branding and digital + print presence through our Haute Living website, social media channels, press release announcements, inclusion in our New York, Miami and Los Angeles print issues, and more.



Join us at our various VIP events in your market throughout the year where you will be able to network with our affluent and elite network of clients.


SEO Ranking

Boost your SEO ranking through the distribution of personalized, market-specific traffic, spotlight content that appears on the Haute Living landing page–with 500,000 subscribers–and Haute Lawyer monthly blog posts about your specialty, in addition to appearing on our mobile website and in our bi-weekly newsletter. is a Google News site, giving our members powerful SEO that allows for an influx of traffic to their websites.


Print & Digital

Your membership includes inclusion in the print issues of Haute Living New York, Los Angeles and Miami, with 20,000 issues printed six times a year. Additionally, you will receive monthly blog posts highlighting your top procedures, expert advice, your practice and more.



The Haute Living Instagram, with over 145,000 followers, allows for maximum exposure. You will be announced as our new exclusive lawyer in your market and specialty, and will be featured throughout our Instagram stories with links to your member page and articles.