From MLB Glory to Legal Battles: Lenny Dykstra’s Faces Eviction

Photo Credit: Courtesy of: Debby Wong/Shutterstock

Former Major League All-Star Lenny Dykstra is once again thrust into legal turbulence, this time grappling with allegations of missed rent payments for an upscale Los Angeles-area apartment, marking another chapter in a string of legal confrontations.

Dykstra had been a beneficiary of Covid rent relief, a lifeline offered during the pandemic, where the state shouldered his rent expenses. However, once the 18-month relief window drew to a close, Dykstra ceased making payments, resulting in an outstanding rent balance exceeding $50,000 over a year-long period.

In response, Dykstra’s landlord, 888 Hilgard Bliss Apartments LLC, took legal action, filing an ‘unlawful detainer’ lawsuit to pursue eviction. Scheduled for a hearing on November 27 in Santa Monica, the case is poised to potentially lead to a jury trial to adjudicate his eviction status.

This latest legal entanglement compounds Dykstra’s history of legal woes, as previously documented in a 2018 article that delineated a series of alleged transgressions.

Beyond his legal quandaries, Dykstra boasts a legacy in Major League Baseball, marking a 13-year career primarily with the Mets and Phillies. His notable contributions include aiding the Mets in their triumphant 1986 World Series win and securing All-Star honors in 1990, 1994, and 1995. Accumulating a lifetime .285 batting average, 81 home runs, and 285 stolen bases, Dykstra was a formidable force on the field. Despite finishing as the 1993 MVP runner-up and leading the league in hits twice, his most memorable moment came with the Phillies’ appearance in the 1993 World Series, although they fell short against the Blue Jays.

This has been the multifaceted life journey of a celebrated athlete entangled in recurrent legal battles, offering a unique insight into the complexities that often accompany a life beyond the playing field.