Haute Lawyer Presents Exclusive Webinar with Senen Garcia

Photo Credit: SG Law Group | Haute Media Group

Senen Garcia, Founder and Leading Lawyer at SG Law Group, had a great conversation with Haute Media co-founder, Seth Semilof, for the latest Haute lawyer Webinar. The two discussed Garcia’s entrepreneurial background, his journey toward opening his own law firm, his published writing and so much more. Here are some of the highlights of the conversation:

Seth Semilof: Tell us a bit more about your background. Where did you go to school and what made you decide to become a lawyer?

Senen Garcia: I finished my undergrad at Florida International University and took two years off to continue to pursue a promotional products business. I’ve been running businesses since I was 12, and at the time, this was the latest iteration of that.

It was there that I got my itch to become an attorney. Unfortunately, someone took advantage of my business partner. My partner had to sign an agreement that put the company in a bind, and the individual in question took advantage of the situation and nearly put the business to ruin. So, I decided I never wanted to allow the experience me and my partner went through to happen to anyone again. That was the impetuousness to become an attorney – to protect others from those actions.

SS: How did you pivot from being a business owner to going into law school? 

SG: Since I was left with such bad taste in my mouth, I decided to enroll in law school. I was still running my business somewhat during my first year, which was a bit overwhelming. However, because I was the sole owner, I decided to sell the company more seamlessly, which Is what I did after my first year at St. Thomas University.

You would think I would have taken advantage of this newly-acquired free time to focus exclusively on law school. Instead, I decided to start my MBA while I was there, and the rest is history.

SS: And you opened SG Law Group straight out of college? 

SG: I knew I always wanted to run my firm. I never liked working for people. It was never really my thing. I’d run businesses before. The only difference between running a firm and any other company is that there are a few more regulations with which you have to be involved. Other than that, it’s pretty similar.

The funny thing was so many attorneys my age, or with the same amount of experience I had, would constantly try to dissuade me from opening my firm. They would say, ‘You shouldn’t do that. You will lose your license.’ But there is no reason to lose my license if I follow the rules. I think it was a bit of insecurity on their part. They didn’t want to feel left out and wanted to let me know there was a correct way of doing things. But that’s not true. There is no one single right way of doing things. You have to create your path and feel comfortable with it.

Naturally, as with any other business you own, I was the money maker and had to hustle and get clients. But so long as you walk the line and do what’s necessary, you should be fine. Of course, I’ve made mistakes, but certainly, nothing to warrant losing my license.

Watch the entire conversation here: