Haute Lawyer Presents Exclusive Webinar with Gabriel S. Saade, Esq. of SAADE LAW

SAADE LAW is a full-service law firm with a concentration in the areas of civil litigation, business law, complex commercial and business litigation, products liability and personal injury claims, and real estate litigation.

Photo Credit: SAADE LAW | Haute Media Group

Founder and managing partner at SAADE LAW, Gabriel S. Saade, Esq., recently sat down to speak with Seth Semilof, Haute Media Group co-founder and COO. The two spoke about Mr. Saade’s passion for law and some of the lessons he has learned after opening his own practice. Here are some of the exchanges from the conversation:

Seth Semilof: When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in law?

Gabriel S. Saade: I knew I wanted to be a lawyer at a very young age. My family is very entrepreneurial and I have several family members who have opened their own businesses and in observing them doing so, I realized that one of the most difficult aspects of opening and maintaining a business is finding and affording legal counsel. The cost of legal counsel added to the cost it requires to open and run these businesses can easily become a large obstacle.

Personally, I empathized with this feeling twice over coming from an immigrant family. I saw how crucial it was for folks who did not have a sense of the law or a real grasp of the language. Once I was made aware of and understood that perspective, I felt confident that I could step in and do that job and fix these issues. With that in mind, we opened SAADE LAW in 2019.

SS: In essence, you’ve made your firm this Jack of all trades, or a one-stop shop for business of any size. Could you speak more to that?

GSS: Having witnessed the difficulties my grandfather went through when he opened his business here, we wanted to make it easier for the entrepreneurs and business owners, and as you said, become a one-stop shop for all their needs regardless of the size of the business – this includes help with anything from formation to litigation, or anything in between.

We try to do as much as possible, but of course, we can’t specialize in everything. When that’s the case, our job, not the clients’, becomes at the very least, to provide access to some of those corresponding specialties.

Watch the entire conversation below: