Weston Finn Of The Moto Lawyer Revs Up For A Post-Pandemic Future

Weston Finn

Photo Credit: The Moto Lawyer

Founded by Weston Finn, Esq., The Moto Lawyer, PLLC is a firm of accident attorneys that represent motorcyclists and automotive enthusiasts, alike. From personal injury to wrongful death to high-value insurance disputes, The Moto Lawyer prides itself on delivering results.

Weston was the recipient of the Dean’s Scholarship for admittance to Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Upon graduating from law school and being admitted to the Florida Bar, Weston began The Moto Lawyer, PLLC.

The Moto Lawyer doesn’t back down from a fight. When insurance companies want to undervalue a claim or undermine clients’ injuries, they step to the plate. With tenacity, The Moto Lawyer fights for every rightful dollar their clients deserve. They pride themselves on taking cases that other firms deny. When pain is undermined or damages are undervalued, The Moto Lawyer takes it upon themselves to make sure that either the insurance company or the jury understands the pain and/or value of the claim.

Weston Finn recently spoke to Haute Lawyer regarding the bright future of The Moto Lawyer.

Haute Lawyer: How did The Moto Lawyer continue its practice throughout the pandemic?

Weston Finn: When it comes to The Moto Lawyer, we maintained business right on par, if not busier during the pandemic. The reason for this is because a lot people had plenty of time off, which allowed them to casually and recreationally ride their motorcycles. Another thing I noticed was people were driving much more erratically so I saw more speed-related crashes.

HL: Have you noticed any direct consequences from the pandemic among your clients?

Weston Finn: Well, business amped up. To say that the high-speed accidents were attributed to the pandemic is hard to prove. That’s just my theory. I think people were driving much faster when only ‘essential workers’ were allowed on the road.

HL: What is your vision for the future of The Motor Lawyer?

WF: One thing we are working on is going national. That means developing a network of motorcycle-specific attorneys throughout the country that can represent motorcyclists. By September, there will be several new states that The Moto Lawyer will be able to practice in and we confidently anticipate great potential to work in those areas. We look to have our law firm established in various states.

HL: Are there any new states you would be willing to disclose with us at this moment?

WF: Certain states that we have our eyes set on are Wisconsin, Ohio and Colorado.

HL: Well, Congratulations! Lastly, is there one individual pop-culture motorcycling icon (or law icon) you could point as being a role model to you and inspiring you to pursue this rather untraditional form of law?

WF: The Hollywood culture of motorcycling has waxed and waned. There have been years where it is extremely popular and then there are years where it fizzled off. For example, in the early 2000s, the Discovery Channel was heavily populated with motorcycle TV shows and competitions and documentaries. All of that affected me and my passion for motorcycles.

This passion of mine is pretty deep-rooted. The earliest memory I have, is actually on a motorcycle. I can think back to being three-years-old and being placed on my dad’s motorcycle and going around the block. But to answer your question, the Hollywood culture is something I love and appreciate because it brings attention to my one true passion.


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