Haute Lawyer Webinar – The Women Of Law


Suzanne M. DeWitt is the founder and managing partner of DEWITT PLLC. With over 21 years of experience in international tax and private wealth planning, she is an expert in the areas of global tax minimization and cross-border wealth planning and implementation. Her work includes the structuring, formation, and operation, on a cross-border basis, of a variety of alternative investment products. Additionally, Ms. DeWitt represents a number of significant Fortune 500 companies in their international, outbound tax planning and global tax minimization projects.

Janice Roven has been practicing law for over 35 years. She became involved in the area of family law because of her own very unfortunate custody battle. As a result, she understands being on both sides of the table. She provides strength, compassion, and the wisdom of personal experience.

Karen Lapekas is on a personal mission to give people peace of mind from the IRS. She previously worked as a Senior Attorney with the IRS Office of Chief Counsel where she was the lead attorney for the IRS in more than 170 cases before the U.S. Tax Court. Now, at Lapekas Law, P.A., she represents individuals and businesses against the IRS in audits and collections defense, and in litigation in the U.S. Tax Court and U.S. District Court. In 2020, she also founded My Tax IRS, Inc, a service that helps subscribers to never miss — or misunderstand — an IRS communication again.

Mediator, Author, Attorney and Thomas Law Offices, APC (law firm) Founder, Kendra Thomas is a family law practitioner in Southern California. Kendra represents clients in a variety of family law and dependency court matters ranging from straightforward mediation to complex trials. She has dedicated her career to helping her clients reach their financial and legal goals while transitioning through the most difficult times in their life. She provides outside strategic counsel to other top-named divorce attorneys and in managing the legal teams put together by her firm’s Concierge program’s high-profile clients.

In celebration of Women’s History Month last month, these women discussed being successful lawyers in a primarily male-dominated field, their journeys as business owners, and what they hope to see for the future of law.

Hear the answers to these questions, and many more, in the video below.