Q&A With Los Angeles Real Estate Lawyer Zachary Schorr

Zachary Schorr - headshot 1Photo Credit: Paul Gero

Zachary Schorr founded Schorr Law, A Professional Corporation in 2005 with the goal of providing a firm with expertise in a highly focused subject matter: real estate. Mr. Schorr has developed a track record of successes, including a $4.618 million fraud judgment against a real estate developer, attorney, and construction company; resolution of an ownership dispute involving over $25 million; and a jury verdict in favor of all five of his clients in the multi-party real estate litigation. Mr. Schorr has received many awards, is an author of an E-Book, has multiple publications, and a published appellate decision. 

Zachary Schorr talks with Haute Lawyer about real estate law, the Los Angeles market, and what to look for in a lawyer.

What makes a good real estate attorney? 

Not being a jack of all trades. Real estate law is quite nuanced relying on well-developed principles from centuries of real estate ownership. Our attorneys pride themselves on having a singular focus – real estate law. By being very focused, we are able to draw on experience representing both individuals and businesses in thousands of real estate disputes. We have a depth of knowledge developed by actively litigating, by frequently lecturing and training other attorneys, and by being called on time and time again to serve as an expert in real estate law.

How is the real estate law market different in Los Angeles vs. the rest of the country?

The Los Angeles real estate market is a top-end market. It is hard to break into and it is quite expensive. As prices and demand continue to climb, the number of people requiring the assistance of an attorney also increases. In California (and Los Angeles), you are not required to have an attorney to close a real estate deal. This is unlike other states where buyers and sellers of real property are required to have an attorney help them close the real estate deal. But, given the high dollar amount associated with any real estate transaction in California, we strongly recommend at least some oversight by a qualified real estate attorney. After all, a real estate deal in Los Angeles is likely to be large and one of the largest deals a person or business may make in their lifetime. 

What should someone look for when hiring a real estate lawyer?

Experience, presentation, and writing. These three items are not a revelation, but they provide insight into the quality of the attorney. To be a successful real estate attorney you need to know the law, be able to present it well to the trier of fact (judge or jury), and, arguably most importantly, be a good writer. Why writing? Many motions in court are won or lost before the attorney ever shows up in court. Courts routinely provide tentative rulings based on the parties’ written submissions, accordingly it is important to make sure your attorney is a good writer. We like winning before we even step foot in the courtroom.

Do you have any tips for avoiding a long-drawn-out real estate dispute?

We always suggest evaluating your end game early on. For example, in purchase and sale disputes, we frequently ask our clients, do you have to buy this piece of property or is there another that will be just as good without having to go through the real estate depute. Questions like this can help the client determine when to engage in a dispute. Once we are engaged, we want to win.

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